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Tracing Events of the Dhurga Speaking People

The Eurobodalla Shire is only a portion of the land occupied by the Dhurga speaking people who are connected to the tribal groups to the North, South and the West over the mountains. The timeline, viewable via the link below, traces the events of these people from the present day, back to more than 65,000 years ago.

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Invisible Places Booklet

In 1788 when the British colonisers asserted Crown control over the new addition to their empire, they had little understanding of the complex land ownership system that Aboriginal people had operated under for thousands of years. The traditional Aboriginal land tenure system involved much more than the economic focus directed by the British administrators. Read about the historical Aboriginal reserves in the Eurobodalla Shire.

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Remembering the Days of the ‘Dog Licence’

Moruya elder Aunty Dorrie Moore tells the story behind her father’s Certificate of Exemption, issued by the Aboriginal Welfare Board in 1957.

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Contributed by Martin Ind from Moruya High School published in 2015.