Moruya High School Student Dakota Feirer Receives 2015 PIP Award

Dakota Feirer completed his HSC in 2015. One of his courses was Society and Culture. In this course there is a major work, which is 40 % of the HSC mark. It is called a Personal Interest Project (PIP).

It is a research report where the student chooses a topic of choice that is related to the course. They have to conduct primary and secondary research. Dakota’s topic was on Aboriginal Identity. It discusses how identity has been constructed for Aboriginal Australians, looking historically, and the negative stereotypes that have predominated. He then looks at how an Aboriginal person must claim their identity and are judged for being authentic, and how this impacts on people like himself who has indigenous and non-indigenous heritage. It continues to discuss the re construction that should take place for Australian Aboriginal people, to claim and redefine their identity. It is a very academic and philosophical piece or writing that poses many questions and suggestions and really forces the reader to experience a new perspective.
There are 4800 students who undertake the HSC Society and Culture course. 20 receive awards, 8 high distinctions and 12 distinctions. Dakota received a distinction in 2015. It is awarded from the professional body, The Society and Culture association. His Personal Interest Project with the other recipients will be kept in the State Library NSW.
Dakota was a great student of this course, always insightful. He really enjoyed the course and placed a lot of time and soul into this project.
His teacher was Julia Losanno.
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Story contributed by Martin Ind from Moruya High School. Published 2016.