Clyde Mountain / Monga

As a kid Les Simon recalls visiting the Monga area to camp and fish [Les Simon 15.12.2005].

Violet Parsons recalls visiting her father and uncles working at the Monga Mill on the Clyde Mountain. Jim ‘Jiggzy’ Chapman, Costy Parsons, Robert Parsons, Cyril Parsons and Ted Stewart were there at the time. They lived up there whilst they worked and the kids visited them on the weekend. The kids would play around the bush [Violet Parsons 6.4.2006].

Dave worked cutting sleepers along the ‘corn trail’ in the 1960s, living in huts along the way [Dave Tout 25.1.2006].

The corn trail is linked in with traditional walking routes, pathways created in the dreamtime past, connecting places together via water ways and ridge lines [Trisha Ellis 4.2.2006].

Keith Nye understands the corn trail as a link between the salt-water people and the ‘inlanders’. Bendethera is linked into the Corn trail [Keith Nye 1.3.2006].


Excerpt from "Stories About the Eurobodalla by Aboriginal People", 2006. Story Contributed by Martin Ind from Moruya High School.