Margaret Carriage (nee Connell)

Margaret Catherine Carriage (nee Connell) was born in Sydney in 1933. Her mother was Ursula Rose Connell (nee Brown) and father Ernest John Richard Connell. Ernest was born in Narooma and grew up in the Moruya area. He was an only child, with many cousins. Connell’s Point, now called Mossy Point, was named after Margaret’s father’s family.

At aged 5 Margaret moved with her family to Port Kembla and in 1943 to Garland Town, Moruya to visit her father’s cousin, Roy Davis. After a short time living at Garland Town, the family found picking work at Vic Macintosh’s farm, Moruya. The family then relocated to Nerrigundah until 1947; Margaret and her brothers and sisters travelling daily to attend school in Bodalla. In 1948 the family moved to Black Hill, Coila Lake, living there for two years before moving to Coopers Island.

Throughout the 1990s the Connell family gathered monthly for family picnic days. ‘…..we drew the name of a place out of a hat at the end of each picnic, and would go there the following month. We went to places like Shelley Beach, Broulee, Nelligen, Nerrigundah ……The Connell family has always stuck together. Nieces and nephews are like our sons and daughters, and all the cousins are like brothers and sisters……’.

Margaret has lived in Mogo with her family since 1978.


Excerpt from Stories About the Eurobodalla by Aboriginal People, 2006. Story contributed by Martin Ind from Moruya High School.