Maureen Davis

Maureen Davis was born in Moruya in 1952. Her mother, Amelia ‘Millie’ Ann Andy was born in Central Tilba in 1928 attended school at both Wallaga Lake and Turlinjah. Millie was the eldest child of Zeta Andy and Les Mongta. Zeta’s mother was Mary Ellen Andy (nee Piety) and her father was Robert ‘Gorry’ Andy. Zeta was a midwife who delivered her grand daughter Millie. Millie’s guardian was Mary Elizabeth Davis (nee Andy) and husband Edward (Gundy) Davis, ‘Aunty Lizzie’ to Maureen. Aunty Lizzie also took responsibility for Walter, Lionel and Lyle Mongta. Millie also spent much of her growing up years at Wallaga Lake with Ernest Andy and Winifred Bloxsom, Beryl Brierley’s parents.

Maureen’s father was Walter ‘Roy’ Davis, born in Sydney in 1927. He attended school at Newstead School and the Moruya Catholic School. Roy’s father was Walter Davis and mother Elizabeth Jane Davis (nee Brierley), ‘Nan and Pop’ to Maureen. Roy was a fisherman, a saw miller, cedar cutter and a mechanic, growing up at Garland Town, Moruya.

Elizabeth Jane was born in Moruya and was known by her second name (different person to Jane Hickey (nee Brierley) who was Walter Brierley’s sister). Jane also attended Newstead Public School. Jane’s father was Walter Brierley and mother Catherine Duren, ‘Ma and Pa’ to Maureen. Ma Brierley was the daughter of Jane Duren [nee Piety] and John Duren. Pa Brierley’s father was Oswald Walter Brierley and mother Elisa Penrith daughter to Elizabeth Penrith [nee Mumbler] and William Penrith.

Maureen grew up in Moruya until the age of 14, around 1966 moving to Sydney. Maureen returned to Moruya at the age of 16 in 1968 and had 3 children Ursula, Craig and Paul. Later, Maureen had a further 3 children, Julie, Robert and Kerry. Maureen currently lives in Moruya with her extended family.


Excerpt from Stories About the Eurobodalla by Aboriginal People, 2006. Story contributed by Martin Ind from Moruya High School.