Mogo / Mogo Creek

The Nye family owned a house on the Princess Highway, Mogo, the house on the southern side of the service station. Keith Nye lived here with his mother and father, brothers and sisters. They all attended Mogo School and after school and in school holidays they would walk to Barlings Beach, along what was a dirt road linking Mogo to the coast [Keith Nye 1.3.2006].

After working at Lavis’ farm in Bodalla and Tomakin, Norman Russell worked picking peas and beans in Mogo, at Parker’s farm. All the pickers at the time were Koori. This was in the early 1960s [Norman Russell 1.3.2006].

The Stewart family had special connections to the Mogo area as Aunty Ruth; Vivienne Mason’s grandfather’s sister lived there. The Stewart family would visit family there on their way from La Perouse, as they made their way camping and fishing through to Wallaga Lake [Vivienne Mason 5.1.2006].


Excerpt from "Stories About the Eurobodalla by Aboriginal People", 2006. Story Contributed by Martin Ind from Moruya High School.