Carol Margaret Larritt (nee Stewart)

Carol Margaret Larritt (nee Stewart) was born in Moruya in 1940. Her mother was Violet May Carriage, born in Batemans Bay. Her father was Arthur Stewart born in Tilba Tilba in 1920. Arthur Stewart’s mother was Emily Walker, and father Christy Stewart. Christy Stewart’s mother was Bessie Caine, and father Governor Stewart. Carol’s maternal grandfather was Christopher Carriage from Araluen, and maternal grandmother Elsie May Pittman from Wallaga Lake. Carol is one of twelve children, of which the youngest three, Carol, Cecil and Jean are still alive. Carol married James Richard Larritt and had nine children, Wayne, Phoebe, Sandra, Carol, James, Barbara, Suzette, Robert (dec) and Tania (dec).

Carol spent most of her childhood years in Nowra where she attended school whilst her father worked in the sawmills. Carol followed her parents to Coopers Island to work picking peas and beans. One year Carol spent 6 months schooling in Nowra and 6 months schooling in Bodalla, whilst living on Coopers Island. During Christmas holidays Carol would camp at different places along the south coast, including Durras.

After spending time living with her Grandfather Christy Stewart in Surrey Hills Carol moved to Port Kembla, married Jim Larritt, and had her first child in 1957. During the early 1960s Carol and her husband lived in a permanent camp at Bengello Creek, north of the Moruya River, and did seasonal work in the Bodalla area. They had army tents set up, 10 people lived in each. There was a fresh water creek running into the beach there. They caught huge goannas, fished and collected ‘food relief’ from the police station.

Carol lives in Tomakin today.

Excerpt from Stories About the Eurobodalla by Aboriginal People, 2006. Story contributed by Martin Ind from Moruya High School.